20 years of success for the Renault Magnum: episode 1

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20 years of success for the Renault Magnum: episode 1

It isn't every day you can celebrate 20 years of success! Particularly when it is for an emblematic vehicle like the Renault Magnum. To mark this immensely symbolic anniversary, Renault Trucks France brought drivers, owner-drivers and fans of the Renault Magnum together for two days of festivities in early summer at the Nevers Magny-Cours track during the French Truck Racing Championship Cup meeting. An event highly charged with emotion, as can be clearly seen in the photo album on the Facebook "Be part of the legend" page: www.facebook.com/entrezdanslalegende.

In 1991, the Renault Magnum made history when the European press, totally won over by this new vehicle's concept, voted it the "Truck of the Year". With a totally flat floor, interior headroom of 1m 87 (subsequently increased to 2m) and unprecedented freedom of movement inside the cab, the Renault Magnum revolutionised the world of trucks. In 2011, Renault Trucks has decided to celebrate the 20 years of success enjoyed by the Renault Magnum. "This vehicle, which has now become a legend in its own right, was created with and for long-distance truck drivers," explains Florence Guichard, operational marketing director for Renault Trucks France. "For many of them, Renault Magnum still is the ideal truck. They see it as much more than just a powerful, high-performance working tool. It is a personal space in which to work, live and relax, as well as being an extremely powerful means of projecting an image. It was therefore natural to celebrate its two decades of success with them, since the drivers are an integral part of the Renault Magnum legend and highly influential ambassadors for our brand."

The first way of marking these 20 successful years was a gathering of Magnum vehicles at a "Be part of the legend" event which was held during the French Truck Racing Championship Cup meeting held at the famous Magny-Cours racetrack. To select the best looking Magnums, a special Internet site was set up on which drivers and owner-drivers were invited to post photos of their Magnums. 50 of these were then selected to be displayed at Magny-Cours. On the big day, some of these, representing all Magnum generations and special editions, were featured on the Renault Trucks stand, while others formed a long guard of honour nearby, so that spectators could admire them throughout the weekend.

Two awards were presented to Magnum drivers: the "Manufacturer's Trophy" for a decorated Renault Magnum and the "Spectator Prize" for a white Magnum Route 66 special edition.

Another highlight was the parade of these trucks throughout the weekend. Florence Guichard did of course introduce each vehicle, but even more important was the way drivers and their activities emphasised the fact that they are the ones who have built - and continue to build - the Magnum legend on the roads. Celebrations continued into the evening with the famous DJ Laurent Wolf who literally fired up the guests with his dynamic mixes. Emotions ran high, becoming almost tangible, throughout the weekend. "We really had the feeling we belonged to a community," comments one driver. "It was like a family party," added another. Moreover, it was a great opportunity for all the Magnum enthusiasts, visitors and drivers, to share anecdotes and ideas for personalising the cab interior or ways of decorating their favourite truck.

The first album can be consulted on the "Be part of the legend" Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/entrezdanslalegende

After such a tremendous success, the celebrations around the Renault Magnum's outstanding achievements could not stop there, so the community of Magnum enthusiasts will have another opportunity to get together during the Le Mans 24 Hour Truck Race on 7 and 8 October. 


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