13 Master by Renault Trucks for Norbert Dentressangle swiss subsidiary

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13 Master by Renault Trucks for Norbert Dentressangle swiss subsidiary

Renault Trucks has delivered 13 Master by Renault Trucks to Norbert Dentressangle Logistics Switzerland (NDLS) from the Norbert Dentressangle group, a major player in logistics and transport. The 13 new trucks, primarily to be used for regional transport, will be used for around 13 hours per day. Master by Renault Trucks driving comfort, low consumption and reliability convinced the company’s managers to source the vehicle. For maintenance, the vehicles will benefit from the quality and density of Renault Trucks’ network in Switzerland.

The Swiss company Norbert Dentressangle Logistics Switzerland has just received 13 Master by Renault Trucks 150 HP. These vehicles will be used to pull loading-through semitrailers. This means that the rigid and semitrailer can be loaded even when the semitrailer is attached. Payload is 2.5 tons. The vehicles will be providing daily service of around 13 hours.

With Renault Trucks, our company is making use of the services of a reliable, efficient partner” explains Michel Julian, director of NDLS. “Norbert Dentressangle group and Renault Trucks have been working together for many years and that relationship is based on mutual trust. The Renault Master proposed by Renault Trucks (Switzerland) SA is perfectly suited to our transport needs, since the vehicles are highly productive, i.e., reliable and economical in terms of fuel consumption. Our drivers really appreciate the comfort and excellent driving features.

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