100 Renault Premium Distribution for the largest Russian mass retail group

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100 Renault Premium Distribution for the largest Russian mass retail group

With its 56 subsidiaries, eight main distribution platforms and 2,347 retail stores covering over 760 towns in Russia, the Magnit group is the mass distribution benchmark for this vast country. Renault Trucks Vostok has just made the first deliveries of an order totalling 100 vehicles to this important new customer.

The keys for this first batch of vehicles were presented to the customer at Lytkarino, close to Moscow, in August. These were Renault Premium Distribution 6x2 vehicles in drawbar-trailer configuration, fitted with the 11 L 380 hp Euro 3 engine. The first of these vehicles will be operating in the Tver region, 200 km from Moscow.  Bodied by Schmitz in Lithuania, the vehicles have been optimized to handle maximum loads. The global cab, which combines comfort and functionality, had a particularly persuasive part to play in the decision-making process. 

Renault Trucks was also chosen for its competitive maintenance and fuel consumption costs. Qualities which make the Premium Distribution a first choice for goods distribution activities in Russia. This explains why it is seen so frequently on roads the length and breadth of the country – for out of the 18,000 vehicles currently in service, 60% of them are Renault Premiums.

The brand also stands out in Russia for its network of distributors and approved repairers. Covering all regions of Russia, the 25 Renault Trucks dealers are able to swiftly carry out every kind of repair and maintenance work. Spare parts are shipped to them directly from the warehouse in Moscow (which has 12,000 items in stock), ensuring downtime is kept to the strictest minimum.

The excellent relationship between the customer and the Renault Trucks teams has also played a significant part in this successful deal, which was headed by Key Account Manager Youri Gourbanov. Youri concludes: “We are very proud of the way our partnership with Magnit has begun, and everyone in our network is focused on making sure our new partner is given optimal satisfaction.”

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