100 new Premiums operating for the Jost Group

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100 new Premiums operating for the Jost Group

Since 2004, Renault Trucks' market share in the Jost Group fleet has been constantly growing. In 2011, 100 new Premium Long Distance vehicles were put into service by the Belgian haulier, won over by the level of performance delivered by these vehicles in terms of fuel consumption and weight.

In 2004, the Jost Group placed its very first order for five Magnums with Renault Trucks in Belgium. This was, in essence, a real-life test for the brand, which until then had only been represented in one major Belgian haulier's fleet. This test proved to be conclusive, since the Group has continued to show its confidence in Renault Trucks over the last few years.

2011 was particularly important, since it saw the addition of 100 new Premium Long Distance vehicles to the Jost Group fleet. These 100 new vehicles are designed, in part, to replace a number of older trucks and also to contribute to developing its haulage activities. The tractors it has received feature cutting edge technology in terms of reducing fuel consumption, since they are Premium Long Distance 460 hp 19 t vehicles, equipped with Euro V EEV engines, a robotised Optidriver+ gearbox and a Voith retarder. The deliveries were spread out over the first six months of the year.

Roland Jost was very impressed by the highly favourable consumption figures recorded by the Premium Long Distance, as well as its light weight. "On average, the Premium Long Distance vehicles weigh in 500 kg lighter than comparable vehicles," he explains. "This is particularly interesting for assignments travelling through Germany, in view of the fact that the country's legislation sets rig limits at 40 t as opposed to 44 t on Belgian roads."

These new additions bring the number of Renault Trucks vehicles operated by the Jost Group up to over 200, making it the second largest brand represented in the haulier's fleet.

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