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100 Maxitys for italian trucks-mounted platform manufacturers Multitel Pagliero

Renault Trucks has delivered 100 Maxitys, including both 110 and 130 hp models, to Italian manufacturer Multitel Pagliero, aerial lift and truck-mounted platform specialists and major players in the field throughout Europe. The company was particularly attracted by the Maxity’s ‘go-anywhere’ size, in that it is a proper truck yet can be driven with just a Category B driving licence. The truck’s cab-over-engine design was a particular advantage for the manufacturer as regards platform installation, and the extensive Renault Trucks European network guarantees reliable servicing and after sales service.

Italian company Multitel Pagliero, manufacturers of aerial lifts and truck-mounted platforms, has acquired 100 Renault Maxitys, including both 110 and 130 hp models, with wheelbases from 2,900 to 3,400 mm. All the trucks are equipped with the Extreme Cold pack, which includes heated exterior rear-view mirrors and a 12V, 110 Ah battery.
“The Maxity is the perfect vehicle for installing an aerial lift,” explains Sandro Pagliero, Multitel Pagliero’s managing director. “The ultra-compact cab is mounted well forward of the vehicle, which means there is plenty of room for us to install our platforms.” What’s more, with the Maxity, the manufacturer is certain to be able to offer clients a proper small truck, with one of the best turning circles on the market, making it perfect for operating in even the narrowest city street.

Lastly, Sandro Pagliero emphasised Renault Trucks’ “efficiency” and “presence throughout Europe,” which he describes as “a key issue for vehicles which are work tools first and foremost.”

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