10 Magnum with an exclusive design in Germany

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10 Magnum with an exclusive design in Germany

Renault Trucks has just auctioned 10 Magnums that were entered in the design competition organised to mark this legendary vehicle's first 20 years. Launched via the Jovoto community website, the event attracted entries from 80 international designers. The winner was a young 27 year old Romanian who decided to dress up the Magnum with different jackets. As a result of this sale, the sum of €30,000 was paid to DocStop, a German Association that provides health coverage to truck drivers.

Only 10 and not a single one more! The Renault Magnums produced as the result of an international design competition organised by Renault Trucks Germany were sold by auction at the end of October. These totally unique vehicles were decorated in the way imagined by a young Romanian designer, Ionica Dogaru. She won the design competition organised by Renault Trucks in Germany to celebrate the Magnum's 20th anniversary last spring. "The zip fastener at the centre of the radiator grille is the key element," explains Ionica Dogaru. "It marks the separation between the upper part and the lower part which each represent two values: tradition and modernity. The original, traditional spirit is still there, unchanged despite being dressed up in different versions over the years."

The 10 Magnums sold were each decorated in unique two-tone colour schemes. They illustrate the fascination this emblematic vehicle still generates today, 20 years after the first official presentation and its "Truck of the year" crown in 1991.

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