Truck Racing by Renault Trucks : a video game for sharing a passion for trucks

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Truck Racing by Renault Trucks : a video game for sharing a passion for trucks

Through its close association with customers and drivers, Renault Trucks shares its passion for trucks. The manufacturer, involved in truck racing since 2007, now offers the opportunity to everybody to discover this exciting world with a free, incredibly realistic video game which can be downloaded from It is based on the race performances of a real truck, the Renault Premium Racing equipped with a DXi 13 engine supplied and developed by Renault Trucks. Thanks to its racing experience, the manufacturer has been able to accelerate the development and enhancement of its series vehicles to the benefit of all its customers.

So here you are at the wheel of a 1,110hp Premium racing truck with 5,100Nm of torque. And we wouldn’t advise you to miss the warm-ups and time trials… your one chance to get used to handling this beast… Because when you’re mixing it up with the other competitors it’s a completely different ball game and to make a good race of it, don’t hesitate to elbow out the other trucks (although without doing too much damage to the mechanics… you will be alerted to damage suffered in real time!). With three levels of difficulty in the game, everybody can enjoy it at their own speed. And aspiring truck drivers can select the ‘pro’ mode and remove the ESP, ABS and ASR to go for the manual gearbox!

Truck Racing is a real success amongst drivers and hauliers. Almost 200,000 spectators turned up on the Nuburgring circuit in Germany! The manufacturer has been involved since 2007 with the Frankie truck racing team. Renault Trucks provides logistics vehicles (2 Magnums, 2 Premium Long Distance, 1 Midlum and a Master) along with maintenance and engine development. This racing experience is a unique opportunity for the brand’s engineers, allowing them to test new materials and components and new technical solutions. From this most demanding laboratory they derive successful developments that the customer will benefit from in series vehicles.

As a free download on, the Truck Racing by Renault Trucks game comes hard on the heels of the major success enjoyed by the manufacturer’s home-grown truck racing simulators at the 2008 Hanover Show. They will be available at certain European Championship truck racing circuits and in particular at the 24-hour Le Mans circuit in September 2009. This free web-based version means that the experience can be shared with the largest possible number of people.

Developed by an independent Lyon-based company, Game Seed (created in 2005 by four former employees of the famous Infogrames Studio –, Truck Racing by Renault Trucks has rapidly gained favour amongst players. Around 2,000 downloads in the four days following its launch in July, 10,000 a month later and over 15,000 to date. Truck Racing by Renault Trucks is being heralded as the most up-to-date and most exciting truck racing game ever.

Minimal configuration:
Processor: 1.8GHZ
1Gb ram with Windows XP
1.5Gb ram with Windows Vista
Video card 128Mb – Direct X9.0C
Disc space: 400Mb Recommended configuration:
Processor: Dual core 2.6GHZ
1.5Gb ram with Windows XP
2 Gb ram with Windows Vista
Video card 512Mb – Direct X9.0C
Disc space: 400Mb

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