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"The experts" by Renault trucks

With an increasing amount of technology now being installed on board modern trucks, Renault Trucks France Formation (RTFF - RTF Training) has been providing mechanics with expert training in these technologies for several years, to make them capable of repairing all types of complex malfunctions. These "Specialists in Diagnostics and Repairs" (SDRs) become their workshop's key technical resource, qualified to work on HGVs as well as LCVs, and the person who will be in contact with the manufacturer when necessary. In July, Renault Trucks France Formation presented diplomas to the 50th group of mechanics to complete the programme. This means there are now over 500 diagnostic and repair specialists who have been trained to carry out this function in Renault Trucks workshops.

The growing amount of increasingly complex technological solutions that are incorporated into the design of today's trucks and those being developed for the future, has lead Renault Trucks to create jobs for specialists in diagnostics and repairs, or "SDRs". Recruited from workshop technicians after a selection process, they are able to carry out diagnostics and repair the most serious breakdowns on all Renault Trucks vehicles from LCVs right up to the biggest Heavy Duty models. The 50th group of mechanics to complete this training programme have just been presented with their diplomas, meaning that there are now some 500 "diagnostic and repair specialists" that have been trained to work in Renault Trucks network workshops.

Before following the specific "SDR" training, candidates must pass an assessment test of their technical knowledge, and then follow a 15 day pre-selection course. Once this phase is over, some 10 candidates are selected for the sandwich training course which takes place over a period of 12 weeks.
Once they have received their diplomas, SDRs are given an annual refresher course to make sure they are up to date with the latest technological innovations.

These experts in diagnostics then become their workshop's key technical resource capable of providing immediate technical support for dealerships and service points and the person who contacts the manufacturer when this becomes necessary. For customers, they provide an assurance that repair solutions will be found efficiently and rapidly, even in the event of a complex malfunction on their vehicles.


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