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The French truck manufacturer has just posted a new version of its website. Entirely reorganised around the major families of users and their needs, it proposes more personalised search features than in the past. Revamped in terms of design but also in terms of arborescence, it is more fluid, more modern and, within seconds, delivers the information the user is looking for.

A website in line with Renault Trucks’ brand identity

In 2009, with “Renault Trucks deliver”, the French manufacturer launched its new brand signature, seeking to stand by the road merchandise transport industry.
Through its militant stance, Renault Trucks is seeking to make public opinion aware that transport is a necessary human and economic activity. Without road goods transport there would be no yoghurts at breakfast, no petrol at the petrol at the pump and no medicine in our hospitals…..The dream of a society without trucks would quickly turn into a consumer’s nightmare.

From the moment Renault Trucks chose to engage resolutely in favour of the road merchandise transport industry, and to adopt a new visual identity, all of its communications tools had to be revised.

A website designed for over 100 countries

As a long-standing concern, Renault Trucks is today present in around one hundred countries. The manufacturer’s web platform comprises a portal ( which gives access to a corporate website and one hundred or so national websites.

Initiated in June 2009, the complete revamp resulted in a staggered roll-out of its web eco-system between January and September 2010. “In record time, fully redefining our design, ergonomics and content animation with the most recent technologies”, observes Laurent Geray, Infrastructure Systems manager at Renault Trucks.

An internal architecture designed for each user profile

More than just a shop window, a website must allow each user, whatever his profile and expectations, to define the most pertinent information as quickly as possible.

“A web visitor is prepared to wait around four seconds for a page to load and around seven seconds to find the information he is looking for: speed and effectiveness are therefore the key words in Renault Trucks new web environment. Web design, ergonomics and arborescence have been reworked with the end-user in mind. The number one priority was to allow visitors to quickly get in touch with our dealers. Today, with the “Find a dealership” and “Call me back” functions, visitors can contact our network and receive information in a matter of a couple of clicks!” comments Franck Nallet, Web manager and eBusiness manager at Renault Trucks.

With the same objective of efficiency, two browsing principles stand side by side. On the one hand, from the red square “Renault Trucks Deliver”, which is a symbol of the brand’s new identity, providing access to vehicle information; and on the other, browsing at the top of the page, which allows access to all content.

“The new web environment generates unprecedented performance and browsing comfort and of course is compatible with the main web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc) used on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry” explains Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, marketing director at Renault Trucks Europe.

The Renault Trucks web structure:

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