Renault Trucks extends its distribution network with eight new establishments in Europe and the caucasus

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Renault Trucks extends its distribution network with eight new establishments in Europe and the caucasus

Renault Trucks continues the roll-out of its network throughout the world with the opening of eight new sales and service outlets in Germany, Poland, Italy and Azerbaijan.  These new establishments show Renault Trucks’ determination to get as close to its customers as possible throughout the world and to seek out new sources of growth. As things stand, the Renault Trucks network comprises 1500 sales and service outlets in over 100 countries.  

Renault Trucks is expanding its network in Italy with the opening of five sites in the north-east of the country: Friul Diesel, Sartori Trucks and Arduini V.I. (in Verona and Trento on the Brenner line), and two more in Cagliari and Sassari, in Sardinia as well as Latina.

Friul Diesel is present in Udine, capital of the Friuli region, in the north-east of Italy. This region, which is on the transalpine route to Austria and Slovenia, accounts for a market for all brands of around 10,500 vehicles over 6 tons. Occupying a surface area of 23,000m2, the site employs a team of 28. The Udine establishment has two light commercial vehicles dedicated to emergency interventions and a rapid 24-hour breakdown service. It is also home to a Fast&Pro workshop which is entirely dedicated to the sale and maintenance of light commercial vehicles. With over 4,100 transport companies in the area, the Friuli region is a crucial hub for road transport, both for industrial vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

Renault Trucks is increasing its clout in Venezia: a very important region for road transport, thanks to a large number of local companies and substantial passing traffic.

The Renault Trucks network is expanding in Verona, Vicenza and Trento: the main ARDUINI V.I. establishment is in Verona with a total surface area of 26,000 m2, of which 5,600 under cover. It comprises a 3,000m2 workshop manned by 12 mechanics, a 1,200m2 spare parts warehouse with 8 employees and 1,000m2 of offices for 10 employees who look after sales and admin. for new and second-hand vehicles.

This same Company, ARDUINI V.I., has just opened a site near Trento, in Spini di Gardolo.  The site covers the Trento and Haut Adige (Brenner) region. It occupies 10,000m2, including a building of 2,200m2 of which 1,600m2 is workshop space, and the rest offices.

The Vicenza establishment, about a hundred kilometres to the west of Venice, offers a convenient bridge to the countries of the east. It has a surface area of 3,000m2 and supplements Sartori Trucks’ zone, adding to their presence in Padova, Rovigo and Ferrara.

Renault Trucks is also developing in Sardinia, where, from its large site at Cagliari, the new Distributor – DI CUNZOLO – looks after the sale of vehicles and parts throughout the island. DI CUNZOLO’s service and assistance business is in Cagliari for the south and Sassari for the north.

The DI CUNZOLO site (already a Renault Trucks dealer for the Campanie region) comprises two hangars: the first of 1,500m2 is used for the parts warehouse and administrative offices,  and the second of 2,200m2 for the workshop, truck washing and after-sales service offices. The Sassari assistance centre covers 9,000m2, of which 3,500 under cover, and has been servicing commercial vehicles for 25 years.

FRENCAR is the most recent Renault Trucks network inauguration, in Latina, south of Rome, in the Latium region. The establishment covers 40,000m2, of which 1,300 for the workshop and 300 for the parts warehouse, where 7 mechanics work.


In Germany, the manufacturer is increasing its presence by opening a new sales and service outlet in the town of Frechen, near Cologne, a few kilometres from Holland and Belgium. On a plot of 15,000m2, just next to the very busy A4 and A1 motorways, the new establishment will provide maintenance services for vehicles thanks to its ultra-modern workshop, which can receive up to 10 vehicles, and a particularly sophisticated customer reception policy. Whilst work is being done on the vehicle, customers can wait in a relaxation area with internet café, a downloading terminal for maps, and washing facilities with showers included. The new sales outlet will also provide a complete after-sales service with, in particular, bench measurement, maintenance and repair of vehicles including trailers, semi-trailers and bodywork of all brands, and temperature-controlled vehicles.
Furthermore, all tachograph and speed controls, pollution and safety devices, as well as general MOTs, can be performed directly on-site. The location of the establishment very near the motorway makes their 24-hour a day breakdown service all the more reactive.


A little further to the east, in Poland, Renault Trucks has inaugurated a new establishment near the town of Kalisz, in the south of the Wielkopolska region. This is the fourth “Polsad” dealership in the Polish network. With 20,000m2, this site can receive up to 14 vehicles simultaneously.


Renault Trucks is also looking further east, towards the Caucasus. The manufacturer has just signed a partnership contract with Agrointer in Azerbaijan. Based in Bakou, capital of Azerbaijan and on the Caspian Sea just a few kilometres to the south of Russia, the new   Renault Trucks establishment is at the heart of a very dynamic local economy. Founded in 1994, Agrointer specialises in the distribution of construction equipment. The company’s management, always looking for new development opportunities, is moving into the distribution of the French manufacturer’s heavy duty vehicles through a partnership deal with Renault Trucks, thus becoming the first Renault Trucks dealer in a region with substantial growth prospects. Agrointer will look after the sale and maintenance of vehicles. After the contract was signed the Agrointer managers visited Renault Trucks’ French production sites. They visited the Bourg-en-Bresse site in Ain county and the engine plant in Vénissieux (Rhône-Alpes). To give them a better idea of Renault Trucks’ dealership set-up, they were also invited to two dealerships in the Lyon region.

By adding eight new sales and service outlets to its international dealership network, Renault Trucks is strengthening its network of 1,500 sales and service outlets in over 100 countries and confirming its determination to find new sources of growth and get closer to its customers.


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