Renault Maxity electric available for long term rental from Clovis Rent

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Renault Maxity electric available for long term rental from Clovis Rent

Due to be launched on the French market very soon, the Renault Maxity electric will also be available for long and short-term rental from this year. A rental solution is indeed an excellent way of becoming familiar with this vehicle that very closely resembles its internal combustion engine counterpart. Although well known for its environmental qualities (silent running and no greenhouse gas emissions), it is perhaps less well known that "filling up" only costs around €2 a day (excluding rental costs). Furthermore, the electric version of this urban LCV has not sacrificed any of its inherent qualities in terms of payload, a market benchmark turning radius and great versatility, made possible by the many bodywork options available. The Renault Maxity electric will be featured on the Clovis Rent stand during the "ECO Transport & Logistics" show taking place in Paris from 29 to 31 March 2011.

Specifically designed for operating in town centres, the Maxity electric opens up new horizons for fleet managers. With its zero emissions and zero noise pollution, this LCV is able to access protected and restricted access zones by day and by night without infringing any regulations. It has a payload capacity of up to 1.5 t and can be driven with a normal driving licence, just like any other LCV with a GVW of less than 3.5 t

"Fill up" for €2!

Fitted with an asynchronous electric motor requiring very little maintenance compared with a comparable internal combustion engine, the Maxity electric is powered by latest generation Li-ion batteries which can be recharged in 8 hours for around €2 a day! The recovery of braking energy and speed limited to 70 km an hour for urban applications gives the Maxity electric an operating range of 100 km and maximum torque at start-up. For greater driving comfort and improved manoeuvrability, the Maxity electric is equipped with a robotised gearbox, and features a turning radius of only 6.74 m.

Owner drivers, parcels services, local authorities, etc.

With several types of bodywork available (panel van, flatbed, tipper, etc.), the Maxity electric sets the standard when it comes to versatility.  
Although initially the Renault Maxity electric will be joining a beverage distributor's fleet for trials under actual operating conditions, it will subsequently be given a different configuration and made available to major parcels services groups. Clovis Rent offers "full service" 48 month contracts which include servicing, tyres, insurance, replacement vehicles, and more.
This formula has the advantage of relieving customers of the apprehension they may feel at the idea of adopting this new technology, in that Clovis Rent assumes all the risks associated with operating the vehicles (servicing, repairs, etc.) and will even provide a replacement vehicle, should the need arise.

Maxity, a vehicle with an image

"Generally speaking, there is a strong market demand for vehicles with high ecological credentials. The preference for alternative energies, such as electricity, is not only a question of profitability or reducing operating costs. It is a significant step to take, a strategic decision which delivers a message and projects an image for customers who choose this option when they are making deliveries in town centres, whether they are private companies, local authorities or state run organisations. With an average operating range of 100 km a day, the Maxity electric is ideally suited to this type of customer."

Yvon Pouhaër, CEO, Clovis Rent

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