Deliver eye: the new renault Trucks application for smartphones designed with drivers in mind

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Deliver eye: the new renault Trucks application for smartphones designed with drivers in mind

How can a driver prove to his manager that he was late on a delivery due to heavy traffic congestion? When he loads goods that are already damaged, how can he explain that to the customer who receives them? The solution is called Deliver Eye. This is a new, free application for Smartphones from Renault Trucks dedicated to haulage professionals and available for the iPhone and Android platforms. It enables drivers to take photographs in the event of incidents which also show the time, date and place where the photograph was taken. Then, with a single click, it can be sent directly to the manager providing proof of his explanations; a free, simple-to-use and efficient tool which will be very useful for drivers. Totally in line with its overall Renault Trucks Deliver approach serving haulage professionals and their assignments, the manufacturer will be making other applications of this type available throughout the year.

The new, easy-to-use Smartphone application from Renault Trucks, which is based on very straightforward principles, was designed to meet a need expressed by drivers. This is because they are often unable to prove to their manager or customers the reason for a late delivery or goods that arrive damaged - mere goodwill has never been as effective as proof. From now on, with the new Deliver Eye application, they will be able to send proof of what they are claiming directly to their manager or customers. In the event of traffic congestion for example, they can take a photograph on which the place where they are located is shown, together with the date and time, and then with a single click send it by e-mail to their manager, whose details will have already been entered into the phone. This will mean that the manager will know, in real-time, the reasons for the delay, and there is every reason to believe that he will be more understanding when the driver finally arrives. Similarly, drivers are fairly frequently obliged to load goods which are already damaged. On delivery it is not easy to explain to the customer that the damage did not occur during this particular stage of the journey. By using the Deliver Eye application to take a photograph and "geo-tag" it, the driver's explanation can be simply and efficiently confirmed. Users will therefore subsequently be able to use this readily available tool every time they consider it necessary and in a wide variety of situations.

The Deliver Eye application, free and available for download from the Appstore and Android market, is totally in line with the Renault Trucks Deliver message. Initiated by the manufacturer several years ago, it is designed to put pride back into being a haulage professional, particularly for drivers and highlighting the essential role they play in current society. The transport industry is one of those which have undergone the greatest modernisation in the past few years and the introduction of the mobile Internet into drivers' everyday lives is a revolution on a par with that brought about by the Web in offices. This is why Renault Trucks wishes to assist them as much as possible by providing applications which meet their wants and needs. Similarly, with Nav'Truck launched in February, the first GPS for HGVs available for the iPhone and Android platforms, Renault Trucks helps drivers avoid losing time because of a bridge with insufficient clearance and poorly indicated or roads that are too narrow. While making their everyday work easier, it helps their assignments to be carried out more efficiently. This underlying principle will be maintained for the other applications for Smartphones which Renault Trucks will be bringing out in the course of 2011.

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