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The renault maxity electric: the LCV that is also a light clean vehicle

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The renault maxity electric: the LCV that is also a light clean vehicle

A Renault Trucks exclusive, the Maxity Electric offers a means of reducing urban nuisance (pollution, noise, etc.). In the interests of everyone's comfort, the Renault Maxity Electric is totally silent and emits no pollutants or any greenhouse effect gases. This means it can be operated at night and have access to regulated Low Emission Zones. Based on the Renault Maxity, this electrically powered version maintains all the intrinsic qualities of the small truck (manoeuvrability, easy body mounting, optimal payload, etc.) to combine performance, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Whether it is a question of distributing dry goods, maintaining green spaces and street furniture or collecting refuse, the Renault Maxity Electric adapts easily and naturally to every application.

With a technical GVW of 4,500 kg and a payload of up to 2 t, the Renault Maxity Electric has outstanding carrying capacity. Developed by Renault Trucks with PVI and EDF as part of a framework partnership for developing electrically powered HGVs and LCVs, it is subject to the specific regulations governing "clean vehicles". In France, as well as in a number of other countries, this means it can be driven by holders of a standard driving licence.

With its 47 kW asynchronous electric motor, latest generation Lithium-Ion batteries having a total capacity of 42 kWh, electrically powered auxiliaries, 270 Nm maximum torque at start-up, energy recovery during deceleration and more, the Renault Maxity Electric offers a concentrate of innovative technologies that go hand-in-hand with high-performance. Powerful, comfortable, clean and quiet, the Maxity Electric is the obvious choice for local authorities and organisations that make preserving the urban environment one of their priorites!

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