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Renault Trucks' vision of road transport: en route for the future

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Renault Trucks' vision of road transport: en route for the future

Too big, too noisy, too polluting… trucks are constantly being criticised from all quarters.  And yet, our societies could not function without them!  In Europe, over 80% of goods are carried by trucks. Breakfast cereals, for example? They arrived by truck! There are huge numbers of similar examples. Fully aware of this responsibility, the road transport industry has made a commitment to innovation: Diesel engines with increasingly lower consumption, electronic management of mechanical units, ever more stringent standards for polluting emissions and new energies (NGV, hybrid, all electric, etc.). In fact, today's trucks have absolutely nothing in common with their predecessors!

By marketing more environmentally-friendly vehicles, that are quieter and better suited to their assignments, Renault Trucks is aiming to change the perception of road transport and raise awareness of the essential role it plays in our modern societies - to give customers and drivers using its vehicles renewed pride in their profession. And although in the near future, trucks used in urban environments will be increasingly all-electric, hybrid or NGV powered, Diesel will remain the only long-distance haulage solution for some time to come. This is why, rather than imagining a "utopian" truck-free society, Renault Trucks offers its customers and society as a whole, solutions combining existing technologies and organisations pushed to optimum levels of performance. In other words: Putting the right truck, in the right place, with the right energy.

The world of transport is currently up against a huge environmental challenge. To take it up, Renault Trucks believes that there is no one, miraculous solution, but rather a series of multiple solutions. Its lines of research are therefore focused as much on reducing its Diesel vehicles' consumption as on the development of alternative solutions such as NGV, all-electric or hybrid.  Customers' decisions on which of these propulsion technologies to choose will depend on what the vehicle in question will be used for. Renault Trucks therefore offers different solutions, designed to provide its customers with tools that are effective, reliable and cost efficient and which, at the same time, limit the impact of their activity on the environment - a subject of increasing concern for hauliers and society as a whole.


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1 and 2: Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech, Renault Trucks' hybrid vehicule

3 and 4: Renault Maxity Electric, full electric vehicule by Renault Trucks

5. Renault Premium distribution CNG, Renault Trucks' vehicule using natural gaz

6 and 7: Premium Optifuel, the diesel vehicle by Renault Trucks optimised to reduce consumption and combined with an instruction in economic driving

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