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Renault Trucks Optifuel Lab vehicle registers 13 % lower consumption

With the race for power that was the hallmark of the 2Oth Century now forgotten, today’s focus has turned to energy savings and moderation. With the deployment of its laboratory vehicle, Optifuel Lab, Renault Trucks is showing that significant reductions in fuel consumption can indeed be achieved. Using a global approach and integrating highly refined aerodynamic features, Optifuel Lab is returning fuel savings of -13 %, which translates to 4.5l/100km or 120 g of CO2 less per kilometre.

This result, the culmination of thousands of kilometres travelled in real-world conditions, again demonstrates the lead that Renault Trucks has built in fuel-efficiency technology. This is further proof that the brand is meeting head on the new demands of the emerging society.  The solutions being tested today could well be integrated into the vehicles marketed in the medium and long term.