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“Clowns are like aspirin, except it works twice as quick.”
Groucho Marx

Renault Trucks SAS employees really have a heart and they have just proved it! They have exchanged their blue and white collars for another uniform, that of solidarity. The truck manufacturer’s different departments have got together on a voluntary basis to support a charity called Doctor CLOWN via various fund-raising initiatives in the workplace. Plays, pastries, a chess tournament have all emerged as good ideas to help the association. The Doctor CLOWN association, chosen by the employees, lightens up the day for children in hospital with a different type of medical team… one with big red noses.

“Of these 3 associations, which one would you like to support?” That was the question asked of 5,200 Renault Trucks SAS employees last April. Result: 60% of them voted for the Doctor CLOWN association.

From the outset, the idea was very simple: the employees give a bit of their time to raise money for charity. A first group was set up and convinced the site manager in Lyon, Michel Dupin, to support their project. He assured them of his support and pledged to contribute financially.
With the help of the communications network of the different departments and divisions, supervised by Pascale Mézie, head of Communications on the Lyon site, the employees got themselves organised to define and implement actions to collect as much money as possible.

“In these times of crisis, I wanted us to commit to a worthy cause. I knew that a company like Renault Trucks could help us with charity initiatives. I put forward this idea to my colleagues. First of all they were very touched, and then felt it could be a good way of bringing the Lyon-based employees together. This was how the Doctor CLOWN adventure began.”
- Pascale Mézie, Communications manager on the Lyon site



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