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Renault Trucks continues developing its hybrid vehicle, the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech, in partnership with selected customers. After Sita and the Greater Lyon Authority, which already operate the refuse collection vehicle (RCV) in the Lyon conurbation, hybrid vehicles have just been delivered to the Colas construction company and Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium. Renault Trucks' aim is to test the vehicle under actual operating conditions and with the widest possible range of applications (refuse collection, construction site supply in built-up areas and urban distribution). Hybrid technology is particularly suited to distribution in an urban environment since, apart from delivering genuine fuel savings by using the electric motor, local inhabitants also benefit from the significantly lower sound levels.

For several years now, Renault Trucks has been resolutely committed to offering vehicles with ever lower fuel consumption using new energies. Actively involved in upstream research and development projects (Optifuel Lab for example), RT now offers a whole range of vehicles using alternative solutions - including electricity, natural gas (NGV), etc. These include hybrid technology, which has already been extensively tested in the streets of the Lyon conurbation for almost a year, and is particularly suited to urban distribution activities.

The Clean Tech label
To raise the profile of its vehicles using alternative energies, Renault Trucks is now bringing its hybrid, electric and NGV vehicles together under the Clean Tech label, distinguishing them with a specific logo on the bodywork. The manufacturer has also begun a process of labelling its network of repairers so that customers can be guaranteed that the quality of service associated with these new technologies will be up to standard, particularly in terms of skills, team training and the use of specific tools.

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