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Specifically designed for delivery activities in urban environments, the Renault Maxity is totally compatible with the new Renault Master as part of Renault Trucks' LCV range. This light and compact cab-over-engine vehicle is available in 2.8 - 4.5 T versions. Since being launched in 2007, it has been enthusiastically adopted by professionals seeking maximum payload with minimum dimensions for their operations in built-up areas. With the dedicated sales and servicing provided by the Fast&Pro centres, Start & Drive servicing contracts, and the Expandys warranty extensions offered by the manufacturer, Maxity is now all set to win even more appreciative customers.

Featuring a design built around a chassis with side members, its cab-over-engine and compact dimensions give Maxity all the qualities of a real small-sized truck capable of going anywhere in built-up areas and town centres. Its light weight even gives it one of the best payloads on the market. Up to 1,820 kg. An urban vehicle par excellence, Maxity comes into its own for distribution applications in town centres such as those involving boom arm equipment, refrigerated transport and refuse collection.

Compact, cost efficient and reliable
Maxity is compact. The 1.87 m width and reduced overall length made possible by its cab-over-engine architecture make it an easily manoeuvrable vehicle. Its tight, 4.8 m turning radius is one of the best in its category. The payload, up to 1,820 kg (for the 3.5 T version), combined with a side member-based chassis allows it to adapt to every kind of urban assignment.
This versatility is made possible by the fact that Maxity offers such a wide range of body lengths. This enables it to be easily fitted with many different types of equipment, while at the same time remaining compact and manoeuvrable in city streets. In addition, its choice of tried and tested engines make Maxity particularly reliable.


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