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The right truck, with the right energy, in the right place, at the right time

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The right truck, with the right energy, in the right place, at the right time

Today, more than eight out of ten Europeans live in towns. Their needs to be delivered in a timely fashion as consumers are just as important as their demands for better quality of life as citizens. Trucks, crucial to life in towns, are at the heart of this dichotomy. As a manufacturer, Renault Trucks offers the broadest possible range, matching vehicle and mission as closely as possible. This means supplying trucks that reflect customers’ needs, with Diesel vehicles optimised to reduce consumption as much as possible, as well as alternative solutions (electric, hybrid, and natural gas). But the company is now going beyond its straightforward role as a manufacturer by developing new communication tools for truck drivers. For, via their Smartphones, Renault Trucks will be making them the cornerstone of next generation urban logistics. It is already experimenting with this future by partnering different projects, seeking to improve goods deliveries in urban environments. In short, Renault Trucks is working to get the right truck in the right place with the right energy at the right time for the benefit of its customers, drivers and the general public as a whole.

The challenges of goods transport in towns
60% of the planet’s population now live in towns. In Europe, this proportion is as high as 80%. In this environment, trucks are just as crucial as elsewhere, delivering goods to businesses and homes, maintaining our roads or collecting household waste. In other words, towns could not survive without trucks. But with space becoming increasingly limited – and therefore more costly – traffic is becoming denser while town dwellers are making ever more stringent environmental demands. The road goods transport industry therefore has to find solutions to reduce pollution, noise and congestion, and improve safety.

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