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Renault Trucks makes it a point of honour to unveil and develop the many talents within the company, and indeed, when the economic climate allows it, the French commercial vehicles constructor opens its doors to new talent from outside. This is how 3000 new collaborators joined the constructor between 2006 and 2008.

Renault Trucks possesses an enterprising spirit, a spirit that has prompted the company to better showcase its professional activities and build lasting bridges between the corporation and institutions of learning. When an intern, a student in a work-study programme or an apprentice joins the company, steps are in place to ensure they fit in nicely, similar to the comprehensive programme that helps new recruits adapt comfortably to the company lifestyle.

For, at Renault Trucks, individual development is an important ideal and the company makes every effort to develop talent by giving its collaborators the training they need. It is all about ensuring that individuals are given access to recognised professional programmes in order to develop skills and competence so as to maximise their professional mobility. In 2007, 21 000 training courses were organised.

Individual development is also about recognising that each person has a place and that everyone should be given a chance. It means promoting diversity in all its forms (age, sex, disability or nationality) and recognising that this diversity is a true asset to performance. The company is fully committed to encouraging greater female presence in the workplace and giving women even more opportunities. In ten years, the number of women recruited by the company has doubled.

With regard to « senior » workers, Renault Trucks had already anticipated the interest they generate today; last year, 75 senior workers were employed. In-house, it has been shown that experience is an important factor that has an impact on professional career development.

Furthermore, to ensure that disabilities do not hinder recruitment, the constructor has adopted a voluntary policy to simplify life in the workplace and promote the employment of individuals with disabilities. With 12 new recruitments in 2007, the constructor has taken on twice as many persons who were considered disabled the previous year.

By virtue of its operational presence on five continents, Renault Trucks makes full use of its multi-cultural wealth, with people of more than 50 nationalities working together in the company. In this respect, the « Hall of Design » alone has a team of 45 persons from ten countries!

Encouraging professional development means improving well-being in the place of work, where executives and technicians, men and women, are entitled to enjoy pleasant surroundings. Having invested more than 9 700 000 € in staff well-being in the workplace since 2005, Renault Trucks is clearly setting the stage to fulfil its social ambitions.

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