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Renault Trucks'Euro 6 range if fire-fighting vehicles meeting fire-fighters' specific needs

The ties between the French commercial vehicle manufacturer and fire-fighting brigades are steeped in history. The vehicles making up Renault Trucks' new Euro 6 range of fire-fighting and emergency response vehicles provide as many solutions to the different unique situations fire-fighting and rescue services must face. Leading the field in all ways towards enhancing fuel efficiency, Renault Trucks has equipped its fire-fighting fleet with Optifuel Solutions. Such solutions encompass various technological and human resource tools designed to significantly and sustainably reduce vehicle consumption, which is an increasingly key concern for fire-fighters when not deployed on an emergency call.

Renault Trucks and fire-fighters go back a long way
The collaboration between Renault Trucks and the French fire-fighting federation (FFMI) is deeply rooted in history. Working alongside vehicle body specialists active in the sector, Renault Trucks has established an ongoing dialogue leading to significant contributions during all stages of developing French and European standards. Through this process, the company shares its expertise and remains up to date with market needs.

Renault Trucks has set up a bodywork department (CIV, for bodyworks, fire services and road network) with a section dedicated to fire-fighting. This group allows the manufacturer to respond quickly to the various demands received from bodywork specialists as well as from local fire and emergency services (SDIS), who benefit from being able to deal with just a single partner.

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