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The new Renault Trucks Long Distance range

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The new Renault Trucks Long Distance range

Renault Trucks has taken advantage of the proposed new Euro 6 standard to completely renew its Long Distance range. Designed and developed in collaboration with fifty customers from around the world, the T has been subjected to the most extensive and thorough series of tests in the company’s history. The Renault Trucks T  is a unique, modular vehicle from the new Long Distance range, with a spacious, highly aerodynamic cab. Offering the perfect compromise between fuel savings and life on board, it has been designed as a tool serving both driver and haulier - so both can do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With this new Long Distance range, Renault Trucks has introduced a homogeneous offering, consisting of a single vehicle whose modular design means that all customer needs can be met right across the long distance transport sector. The Renault Trucks T” has been designed to offer haulage companies the perfect balance between fuel savings and life on board. With its aerodynamic cab, developed and tested with the aid of a wind tunnel, the T combines the Premium Long Distance’s efficiency and low fuel consumption with the Magnum’s comfort and prestige – in a single new vehicle. It also offers an improved powertrain with new Euro 6 engines, and a totally new cab.
The design of the Renault Trucks T incorporates all the essential qualities of this new range. Every element has been designed to fulfil a specific function, perform efficiently on the road and at the same time make its owner and driver proud. The T’s overall design and that of its various equipments guarantee high comfort and safety levels for its driver.

Loyal to the precepts of the Premium Long Distance, Renault Trucks’ new T range helps cut its owner’s fuel costs, as its performance-improving design and new powertrain enables the T to achieve some of the lowest fuel-consumption figures on the market. These are down by up to 5% compared to the previous generation despite constraints imposed by the new Euro 6 standard.

Renault Trucks’ new Long Distance range has been designed and developed in close collaboration with fifty customers from all over the world, from the design stage right through to operational testing. The manufacturer subjected the vehicles to the most thorough and extensive reliability and endurance tests in the company’s history, with the new range undergoing over 10 million kilometres of tests before being brought to market.

The new Long Distance range offers numerous unprecedented benefits. At 2.5 metres wide, the Renault Trucks T cab is more spacious, more comfortable, and has an extendable bunk as well as an upper bunk that can be used for extra storage ifrequired. The engine tunnel is now just  200mm high and completely disappears in the flat floor version. The optimised driving position boasts new seats designed by RECARO® for Renault Trucks, an ergonomic dashboard with 7 inch central display (the largest on the market), and the option of rearranging the positions of the control buttons. The T also offers a storage compartment that can be accessed both from inside and outside the vehicle, plus a door opening angle of 85°. Drivers have the benefit of a number of driver safety aids, including cornering lights and a multi-function three-way adjustable driving wheel.

As for engines, the Renault Trucks T features Euro 6 DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines. The whole range is fitted with the Optidriver automatic transmission, which now has a new gear change management system. The T also boasts a brand new air control system (Electronic Air Control Unit or EACU), a variable flow steering pump to improve consumption and Diesel tank capacity of up to 1,475 litres. Maintenance has been made easier by separating the electrical harness path from the hydraulic harness path in the vehicle body, with electrics on the right and hydraulics on the left.

If the need arises, drivers have a “24/7” button within easy reach to instantly geolocate their vehicle and report all its technical data, making it even easier for one of Renault Trucks’ 1,600 sales and service outlets worldwide to take charge of the vehicle. The T is also configured to integrate Optifleet, the Renault Trucks fleet management solution that increases operational profitability. In addition, Renault Trucks is maintaining its proven fuel saving solutions, including Optifuel Infomax, which analyses performance, monitors fuel consumption, and, when combined with  Renault Trucks instruction in fuel-efficient driving, (already used to train over 25,000 drivers to date), can reduce overall fuel consumption by up to 15% across an entire fleet.

Renault Trucks has developed its new Long Distance spearhead with customer productivity in mind, making it as efficient a vehicle as possible so that haulage contractors can achieve their objective profitably. For Renault Trucks, a truck is a profit centre that  should never let its customers down, always protect their business and be a constant source of pride for its driver.

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