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The new Renault Trucks Distribution range

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The new Renault Trucks Distribution range

The new Renault Trucks Distribution range has grown from the achievements of the past. Having inherited the reliability and quality and the manufacturer's previous distribution vehicles, it has now evolved to comply with the Euro 6 standard, improved its ergonomics and adopted a more assertive design.

When designing its new Distribution range, Renault Trucks drew upon its expertise with activities associated with distribution and the environment. The new Renault Trucks D range is based on preceding models and has evolved into a much clearer offering which consists of a single range and four vehicles capable of meeting all its customers' needs.
Renault Trucks now offers three models in its D range: the Renault Trucks D (from 10  to 18 tonnes), the Renault Trucks D Wide (from 16  to 26 tonnes) and the Renault Trucks D Access (from 18  to 26 tonnes). This offering will soon be completed by an additional vehicle designed to meet the needs of customers needing solutions from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes.

The Renault Trucks D range will be equipped with the new Euro 6 engines, one of them with six cylinders (DTI 8) and the other with four (DTI 5). The 240 hp version of the four cylinder engine is the most powerful on the market.

The new design, with a trapezoid shaped radiator grille, evoking the "p" symbol, strengthens the feeling of ruggedness, in line with the rest of the new Renault Trucks range. The D range also offers new interior fittings which improve on-board comfort.
And to meet the multiple needs of those in the distribution and environment sectors, Renault Trucks offers a broad choice of chassis and body mounting possibilities with a number of models dedicated to specific activities.

The vehicles in this new Renault Trucks D range have been developed in partnership with customers and designed to be tools that will enhance productivity.

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