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Tools and services to boost fuel efficiency

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Tools and services to boost fuel efficiency

For a road haulier, irrespective of its size and operations, its trucks’ fuel consumption constitutes its second-highest expenditure item, sometimes even its highest. The pioneer and leader in the area of fuel efficiency, Renault Trucks provides an overall approach in this field. The company and its entire workforce in France, abroad and throughout the network, is making a commitment via its All For Fuel Eco initiative. This means that fuel efficiency is at the centre of Renault Trucks’ concerns, at a very early stage in our operations, during the course of research work, then in the very design of trucks, and finally in relation to their maintenance in the network. For customers, this translates into the Optifuel Solutions which consist of four main thrusts:

Configuring trucks well
To reduce the consumption of a truck, you must first of all have the best technological tools available and adapt them appropriately to the use you want to make of them (e.g. an optimised powertrain, a robotised gearbox, Optiroll, OptiTrack, the choice of an internal combustion engine, or of an electric, hybrid or natural gas solution, etc.) and the most effective equipment (tyres, deflectors, etc.).

Training drivers well
Having a truck which consumes very little fuel is good, but knowing how to drive it so that it consumes even less is better. Optifuel Training, Renault Trucks “in-house” training programme, is based on thirty years of experience and enables fuel efficiency savings of 15% to be achieved across a whole fleet.

Measuring and analysing fuel efficiency on a long-term basis
When your drivers have been trained, it is fundamental, to ensure that the fuel savings being achieved continue to accrue, to provide them with assistance over the long term and to monitor the fuel efficiency of your fleet as a whole, through fuel efficiency monitoring software such as Optifuel Infomax and fleet management software such as Optifleet.

Reducing consumption throughout the vehicle’s operating life
Even if it is well set up, well driven and well monitored, a truck also has to be well maintained, and this must be done employing the Renault Trucks network’s know-how and experience, and you must also obtain the latest technical innovations (Optifuel Retrofit) in order to maintain its fuel efficiency throughout its entire operational life.

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