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Renault Trucks services: assisting professionals throughout their vehicles’ working lives

Although Renault Trucks’ primary vocation is to design, manufacture and sell commercial vehicles, it does a great deal more than that to ensure its customers’ satisfaction. For its aim is not only to advise customers during the decision-making and purchasing process, via recommendations, expert insight and financing solutions, but also throughout their vehicles’ operating lives. The extensive range of services offered by Renault Trucks allows customers to pre-schedule and reduce their servicing costs, continue their activities, even in the event of a mechanical failure and optimise their vehicle’s performance, particularly in terms of reducing fuel consumption. Renault Trucks achieves this via its closely-knit international network of regularly retrained men and women with whom it has established an ongoing dialogue. Here is a detailed review of the various services Renault Trucks customers are able to benefit from.

When professionals go to a Renault Trucks dealership they know they will be meeting commercial vehicle specialists who are not only experts in their own business but also – and even more importantly – thoroughly understand their customer’s field of activity. This expertise translates into an ability to assist customers before, during and after the purchase of a vehicle, providing them with the best service at the most attractive price.


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