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Renault Trucks Delivery range: compact and mobile

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Renault Trucks Delivery range: compact and mobile

Owners of LCVs have high expectations when it comes to assistance and advice, both at the moment of purchase and also for the servicing and maintenance of their vehicles. Renault Trucks has taken this into account by making available a network of specially trained experts to its customers. Experts who are perfectly familiar with their customers' activities and whose expertise enables them to offer the most appropriate solution throughout the vehicles' operational lives. For several years, Renault Trucks has also deployed its Fast&Pro centres dedicated to LCVs throughout its network, enhancing the level of services it can offer its customers.

The network of Renault Trucks specialists now has all the expertise needed to make its complementary offer available to vehicles with a GVW of 2.8 to 4.5 t and up to a GCW of 8 t with the Renault Maxity and Master by Renault Trucks.

The Renault Maxity is a compact, lightweight, cab-over-engine vehicle. It is available with a GVW of 2.8 to 4.5 t. Since being launched in 2007, it has won the approval of professionals looking for maximum payload with minimum dimensions for their urban assignments.

With the introduction of the Euro 5 standard, the Maxity adds new power ratings to its range. It is now available in 120 and 140 hp (DXi 2.5) and in 150 hp (DXi 3) versions. The last of these benefits from EEV qualification this year. Furthermore, the Maxity will now also feature a new CD, MP3 and Bluetooth radio as well as a navigation system. In addition, an optional PTO is available and a towing ball that can be installed on new vehicles, so that the GCW can be increased to 8 t.

The Master by Renault Trucks can carry anything: with a GVW of 2.8 t to 4.5 t, in panel van, chassis cab and crew cab, bus or even platform cab versions, with front-wheel or rear wheel drive, with single or twin tyres, up to 17 m³ of usable volume for the panel vans, up to 2,254 kg of payload for panel vans and a payload capacity of 2,529 kg for the chassis cab version! This year sees the arrival of the Optifuel Solutions Master, the delivery vehicle optimised for fuel efficiency that actually consumes 7% less fuel than with the previous engine. In addition, the front wheel drive models benefit from new air suspension. A new radio and navigation system is also available.

Thanks to its experience in the fiield of instructing HGV drivers in rational driving, Renault Trucks complements its Optifuel Training offering with a program adapted to the needs of LCV drivers. Combined with the latest technical developments on the Master, this training makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% on journeys in urban environments.

Because an LCV is not only a vehicle but a real working tool, Renault Trucks makes a commitment to professionals with the support of its sales and maintenance network and particularly its Fast & Pro labelled centres. The aim is to reassure LCV users that not only will downtime be reduced when the vehicle is being serviced, but that they will also have a clear view of how much the maintenance will cost and all of it backed by the guaranteed quality of service for professionals by professionals.

The quality of Renault Trucks' service also includes the manufacturer's Start&Drive servicing contracts and Expandys warranty extensions.

Finally, because there are times when professionals need a vehicle as quickly as possible, Renault Trucks has a range of ready-died vehicles available based on both the Maxity and the Master by Renault Trucks: These are vehicles that have already been fitted with bodies during production.

They are pre-defined vehicles designed for specific professional applications.

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