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Renault Trucks applications: serving drivers

As time goes by, Smartphones, and especially the iPhone, are playing an increasingly important role in the everyday life of truck drivers. Transport is one of the industries which has seen the greatest amount of modernisation over the last few years. Renault Trucks is keeping pace with this major shift by offering them applications to satisfy their wants and needs. Time Book, Selected for you, NavTruck, Deliver Eye, Renault Trucks Racing (also available in high resolution on iPad), Renault Trucks Network and the Drivers' Photo Album are the applications launched by the manufacturer that can be immediately accessed by searching for "Renault Trucks" in the App Store, Android Market or on the Renault Trucks mobile Internet site.

By providing useful tools to use while carrying out their everyday assignments, Renault Trucks aims to make the benefits of these new technologies available to drivers and hauliers.

Time Book is a logbook of the 21st century, Selected for you is a tool which allows drivers to find and share the most useful applications within a few seconds, such as NavTruck, the only HGV-dedicated GPS available for the iPhone or Deliver Eye, the application which allows them to send a geo-tagged photo in the event of delays or damage to goods. Without of course forgetting Renault Trucks Network, another App designed to help drivers in their everyday working lives. With Renault Trucks Racing, the truck racing simulation video game now available on all mobile platforms and the Drivers' Photo Album, the aim is more to offer an opportunity of relaxation and enjoy a shared passion for trucks and trucking.

Other applications are being developed and will be released in due course. As before, these will be devoted to serving professionals in the transport industry and designed to help them in their everyday work.

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