W.F.P Partnership


W.F.P Partnership

WFP-PAM & Renault TrucksTo help the World Food Programme (WFP) carry out its missions, Renault Trucks deployed a mobile training unit in five East African countries from October 2012 to March 2013, in order to train WFP mechanics in the most advanced maintenance techniques.

The World Food Programme, the United Nations agency whose primary mission is to combat hunger in the world, guarantees access to food in the poorest parts of the globe. Their trucks therefore play a key role in the logistics system that brings them into direct contact with people in emergency situations. More than 100 of these are Renault Trucks vehicles, which carry food supplies under the most extreme conditions.


Mission accomplished!

As a manufacturer, it knows that well maintained vehicles can deliver greater mobility to carry out their function. A Kerax 6x6 configured as a mobile training unit, together with a team of volunteer technicians, have therefore been sent out by Renault Trucks to pass on their maintenance and HGV repair skills to the WFP’s mechanics in East Africa.From Uganda to Southern Sudan, Ruanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and finally Burundi, this adventure has lasted for five months. During this period of time, 40 mechanics were trained on site.


An adventure which highlights a strong commitment

With this initiative, Renault Trucks illustrates its sense of responsibility and its determination to contribute to the development of the African continent with which it has particularly strong links. Renault Trucks highlights the key role played by trucks in the poorest regions of the world.