“Truck de ouf!” - A crazy success for Renault Trucks!


“Truck de ouf!” - A crazy success for Renault Trucks!

On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2013, Renault Trucks displayed trucks from its radical new range in the heart of the city of Lyon during the "Truck de ouf!" (Crazy truck) operation. A very special event for the brand!

For this event, Renault Trucks offered the people of Lyon the opportunity of discovering its new vehicles, getting to know them in an original and unexpected way. Indeed, some of them were displayed as the focal points of an original work of street art made out of four gigantic anamorphic prints. The largest one measured 4,227 m² and was certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s biggest anamorphic print.

de gauche à droite : Marc McKinley, juge officiel du Guinness Book,
Gérard Collomb, Maire de Lyon, Bruno Blin, Président de Renault Trucks,
François Abélanet, l'artiste créateur des anamorphoses.

Renault Trucks also welcomed the public with entertainment for young people and adults in the Place Bellecour and with an original exhibition of vintage and legendary trucks from the Berliet Foundation, along the rue de la République.