Fighting global warming and reducing greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions is a major concern for the transport industry. In urban areas, the ultimate transport solution must reach zero emission in use.

At Renault Trucks, we understood very early that a societal transformation was necessary. A decade ago, when local politicians were taking the first steps towards creating a sustainable city, we made the choice of electric trucks. Ten years ago, we started to accompany this slow but deep revolution, with one true goal - to see electric trucks in the streets to give cities a breath of fresh air.

For over ten years, we have been field testing electric trucks with our customers in order to garner crucial information about usage, battery behavior, charging facilities and specific maintenance requirements. We also have over a decade of experience with all-electric trucks thanks to the Renault Maxity.

Today, we unveil our second generation of all-electric vehicles: Renault Master Z.E., Renault Trucks D Z.E., Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. , a complete range from 3.1 to 26 tonnes.

The Renault Trucks D and Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. will be manufactured in our plant at Blainville-sur-Orne, Normandy, France and will arrive on the market in 2019. The Renault Master Z.E. will be available in September 2018.

Ten years’ ago, we were the pioneers, promoting electric trucks to improve city air quality”, concludes Renault Trucks President Bruno Blin “Today we can offer a range of electric vehicles with proven performance and the experts in our network are ready to help our customers transition to electromobility. Ten years’ ago we were pioneers, today we are experts.