2500 kilometres of pure rally: MKR and Renault Trucks off to conquer the Moroccan desert

After a difficult Dakar race in the beginning of the year, MKR’s teams face the Morocco Desert Challenge from 14th to the 22nd of April with determination. Three Renault Trucks will be at the starting line: a Renault Trucks K520 and a Sherpa with the Mommoet Rallysport Team as well as a Renault Trucks K 520 with the Riwald team. The 2018 edition is set to be spectacular.

“The organizers promised us an extreme adventure, with diverse technical sections, the famous dunes of Chegaga and Merzouga as well as tracks from the old Dakar rally!” says Mario Kress, who has been leading the preparation of the vehicles and the pilots of MKR with expertise for nine years.

In merely ten years of existence, the Morocco Desert Challenge has acquired a solid reputation and the status of second greatest rally in the world, just behind the Dakar. This year, the trucks will be severely tested in an intense journey from Agadir’s beach along the Atlantic Ocean to the city of Saïdia which borders the Mediterranean Sea. The participants will face an original challenge: 2500 kilometres of pure rally with no liaisons.

During the previous edition, MKR’s teams made an outstanding performance, by winning the 1st and 2nd positions in the general classification. This year, they are determined to renew these good results thanks to a demanding technical preparation and wise strategic choices.

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