Magnum - the end of a legendary truck


Magnum - the end of a legendary truck

On Wednesday 26 June, the last two Magnums rolled off the Bourg-en-Bresse production lines: one of them was delivered to hauliers Robert Chabbert, and the second one to the Berliet Foundation Conservatory. This is the end of the production of a revolutionary truck of its age.

The Magnum wowed the truck world since its launch, in 1990. The truck was revolutionary for its mechanics, with disc brakes in the front, as well as its advanced front axle, but it was the truck’s cab design that made the whole auto industry stop and take notice.

The Magnum cab was designed by Marcello Gandini, a legend in the industry. By daring to make the cab totally independent from the engine, the Magnum’s design freed up more room for the driver. Raised and mounted on a flat floor, its cab definitively shaped the outline of the truck and placed the driver in a dominant position.

Since the beginning, the idea behind the Magnum was to establish an entirely new vision of what trucks could be and a new approach that embraced the needs of drivers and hauliers. It is perhaps no wonder that the Magnum received the “International Truck of the Year” award in 1991.

Today, the Magnum is replaced by a new range that improves even more the road freight haulage.