Renault Trucks' commitments to sustainable development


Renault Trucks' commitments to sustainable development

Renault Trucks takes account of environmental, social and economic concerns in both its strategy and its daily activities. Designing, producing and distributing our products and services responsibly is our concrete contribution to sustainable development, known as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Renault Trucks performs its activities with integrity, in compliance with international regulations and in accordance with the sustainable development and responsibility model of the Volvo Group, based on a triple commitment:

- doing business responsibly ;
- taking into account the expectations of interested parties ;
- creating value both for itself and for society as a whole.

Since 2004, Renault Trucks has subscribed to the UN Global Compact and under this agreement, undertakes to respect and implement ten universal principles relating to respect for human rights and labour rights, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

Renault Trucks applies an environmental policy based on precise undertakings, and a rigorous management system involving its network, its suppliers and its partners. Renault Trucks vehicles are manufactured in plants certified to ISO 14001.

By offering trucks which always respect the environment and which are robust and efficient, and services which provide sustainable transport solutions, we are committed to the development of responsible mobility. The brand makes a concrete contribution to the prosperity of carriers and to the progress of society.

Renault Trucks also participates in the development of regions in which it is active. A stakeholder in the automotive sector and a major employer in France, the brand manufactures its products and the majority of their components there - which gives the Renault Trucks T, C, K, D ranges the label "Guaranteed French Origin". Renault Trucks maintains close partnerships with the world of training and research, contributing to the development of skills and knowledge. At a local level through the involvement of staff, Renault Trucks supports several initiatives focussed on education, equality of opportunity and access for young people from disadvantaged areas.

Internationally, Renault Trucks has supported the UN for 5 years in its fight against hunger throughout the world in the World Food Programme. By involving its volunteer employees in technical training initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, Renault Trucks is placing its skills as a manufacturer at the service of a vital transport mission.

A responsible creator of shared value, Renault Trucks has submitted its CSR action to the assessment of the independent rating platform Ecovadis, which classified it amongst the top 30% of companies in this field. This certification provides evidence of quality for our clients who can access the entire assessment data when issuing invitations to tender for example.

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