Excitement, delight, and emotion


Excitement, delight, and emotion

OL + RTOur customers are passionate about sport.

A passion that we share with them to the full in the stands and the paddocks of the European Truck Racing Championships, the Truck Racing FIA, in which we have been involved since 2007, as well as in football stadiums with l’Olympique Lyonnais and on rugby fields with the LOU.

On the 10 European Truck Racing tracks, the Renault Trucks / MKR Technology Team, European team vice champions in 2011 and European team champions in 2010 and 2012, has only one aim: to defend their crown ! This year follow the race and the performance of our two drivers Adam Lacko and  Markus Bösiger on Truck Racing website.

In a world of cutting edge technology, Truck Racing is the most exacting test laboratory in existence. It presents a unique opportunity to test the resilience of parts and engines under extreme conditions. Through its commitment to Truck Racing, Renault Trucks has consolidated its position as leader in its network, among its customers and also among its competitors.