Renault Trucks accompanies OL women’s players

On 14th November, Renault Trucks helped make a dream come true for 22 children of employees working for the Volvo Group on the Lyons site of the brand. They had the privilege of walking onto the pitch in the Gerland stadium during the 8th final of the UEFA Women's Champions League between the OL Women's team and FC Turbine Potsdam. The youngsters, aged between 6 and 10, were chosen to accompany the players of both teams onto the field for the kick-off. Becoming players in the match for a few minutes, the children holding hands experienced a magical, unforgettable moment.

This event was part of the partnership of Renault Trucks with OL. A long-term sponsor of this women's football team, Renault Trucks shares the club’s disappointment after its elimination in the Women’s Champions League and encourages players to excel in the French Championship.