A world without trucks is unimaginable


A world without trucks is unimaginable

By day and by night, everywhere in the world, trucks carry all types of loads, from raw materials to finished goods. They collect our waste, provide assistance - and offer an incredible number of unique,livreur RT door-to-door and customized services.


Our conviction

We are convinced that trucks are the cornerstones of economic and social growth:

  • Because carrying goods by road is the quickest, most flexible, most regular and most reliable means of transport, as well as being the most economical.
  • Because a growing society is a mobile society.
  • Because the road haulage sector contributes to countries' prosperity. In Europe, this means:

- It generates an annual turnover of 270billion euros(*).

- The sector employs 3 million people in Europe, largely working for SMEs based in every type of commune, including villages, which maintain regional economic vitality(*).

(*)Sources: Eurostat, EU transport in figures-StatisticalPocketbook 2012