Renault Trucks will take part in the Dakar 2017 with MKR


Renault Trucks will take part in the Dakar 2017 with MKR

Renault Trucks and MKR have just signed a contract reinvigorating a partnership started in 2010. The manufacturer and the racing team will take part in the Dakar 2017. Three vehicles are competing: a K520 and a Sherpa with Team Mammoet Rallysport and a K520 with team Riwald.

The partnership between Renault Trucks and MKR is a long story who started in 2010 when the manufacturer had chosen MKR Technology to fly its colours on the racetracks. The Renault Trucks / MKR Technology Team, headed up by Mario Kress, had won the title of European vice-champion in 2011 and European champion in 2010 and 2012.

Four years later, MKR takes part in off-road and rally raid activities that are of particular interest to Renault Trucks because of extremely difficult terrain. Through this partnership, the teams of Renault Trucks and MKR mutually enhance their technical and technological know-how, in particular of engines and the transmission system of trucks.

At Dakar 2017, Renault Trucks will be alongside with MKR, with Team Mammoet Rallysport who is competing with a Sherpa (n°506 driven by Martin Van den Brink), and a K520 (n°510 driven by Pascal de Baar) and Team Riwald who is competing also with a K520 (n°524 driven by Gert Huzink).

The “Biggest rally-raid in the world” will start on January 2nd, in Asuncion in Paraguay, will go through Bolivia to end on January 14th, in Argentina.

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