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WFP – Kampala, Uganda // Day 5

Formation WFP in Ouganda

WFP – Kampala, Uganda // Day 5

Katharina, who works for the WFP in Rome (headquarters of the organisation), joined us yesterday. We have been collaborating for two year during which I have had the privilege of having her as my contact for organising training sessions with WFP offices in each country. We communicate 90% by email and 10% by telephone, so I am delighted to be able to see and speak to her live concerning our common cause. We begin to sketch the balance sheet of this 5-years partnership and share ideas for the future.

For the last day of training we take up the questions of inventory, the evaluation of management and ideas for improvement. 

Going around the table at the end of the day allows each person to underline newly acquired knowledge and to express gratitude for this training. The words are touching and the will to quickly put in place the points of improvement discovered here is very clear. 

The sharing, the exchange and the WFP family are often cited, and the emotion is palpable for the WFP team as it is for Renault Trucks. The interest in the training is undeniable and Laurent, the trainer, had created an open, benevolent and dynamic context, helping the learning and understanding.

The week ends with the diplomas ceremony to the participants during a cocktail party organised by the Renault Trucks importer in Kampala. The team is very welcoming and takes us to visit their installations.

These five days have been rich in education, but the time passed too fast. It is time for the participants to leave and for me to return to the airport in Entebbe.This discovery in the field has excited me so much, both professionally and personally.

The WFP staff know their job well and is very invested in their mission and helping one another. In each country, the constraints, organisations and problems are different, yet they listen, understand, exchange and propose improvements to help the work of their colleagues. I had the chance to meet people from countries I know practically nothing about. I appreciated our exchanges, both formal and informal, and their curiosity, good humour and the open-mindedness and all that they taught me about their respective countries.

Thanks to the welcome from Nobuyoshi, who is responsible for the fleet, I had the opportunity to see the local activity of the WFP and its organisation at the Kampala warehouse.

I take with me much of the gratitude expressed by the participants for Renault Trucks which contributed, through its partnership, in the concrete improvement in maintenance and management of the WFP fleet of trucks. We are most proud!

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