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WFP – Kampala, Uganda // Day 4

Formation WFP in Ouganda

WFP – Kampala, Uganda // Day 4

This morning all the participants are rested and attentive: we are attacking difficult subjects!
Three new groups have formed and the work resumes with preparing a work schedule for the workshop. Laurent moves between the groups to direct reflections and answer questions.
The result shows that the work is taken seriously and thanks to the experience in the field of each participant the daily, weekly and monthly plans are realised. In each country, a schedule is already in place, but it will be reviewed or completed with the new actions upon return of the participants.The afternoon is dedicated to the indicators allowing the tracking, among other things, of the utilisation, efficiency and productivity of the workshop. The question of inventory of spare parts and their consumption is a point that gave birth to many discussions.

Among the nine people attending the training there is only one woman. I take the opportunity during a break to have a talk with Irène who is responsible for logistics in Malawi (one of the smallest countries in Africa, but a country where poverty and food insecurity are prevalent). The WFP provides daily meals to 1 million children in 900 schools and helps more than 6 million people affected by malnutrition, so it requires plenty of logistics concerning receiving, stocking and distributing commodities in the country.
Irène joined WFP 2 years ago and directs a team of 35 people. It is not simple for a woman to impose herself in a world of men, but her skills and her experience in the logistics chain and the importance with which she gives collaboration have allowed her to quickly be recognised and respected. When she arrived there were only 2 women in the team, but she has since recruited 4 more.

The air conditioning was acting up today and we end the day very tired, but the prospect of dining together this evening is cause for celebration.

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