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WFP - Kampala, Uganda // Day 3

Formation WFP in Ouganda

WFP - Kampala, Uganda // Day 3

The accent is placed on communication in the form of a role-playing game.
One person plays the shipping clerk, a second plays the driver who is returning from a mission, andthe third observes the dialogue from the stand point of open, semi-open, alternative or closed questions. Then the roles are reversed.
The objective is give the driver a chance to talk about the truck, his mission, and problems encountered in knowing the state of the vehicle and in detecting possible mechanical problems, both present and in the future, in the context of an open, constructive exchange. The efforts of the workshop and those of fleet management are thus put to use, and the trucks willbe more available to fulfil their missions.

After lunch, we go to the WFP workshop. In the courtyard, a number of vehicle are under repair ormaintenance. Our mobile training unit, the Renault Kerax 6x6 is there to allow participants to climbaboard and into the cargo box. This is the chance to touch by hand a great many of the technicalelements mentioned to during theoretical portion of the training. It is very hot but everyone is attentive and goes around the vehicle to benefit from our trainer Laurent's demonstrations and explanations.
The WFP team also opens the doors to their stock of spare parts. Tires, belts, filters, headlamps,suspension and many other parts are stored and numbered to help maintain stock and save time during maintenance.

The tomorrow will be a busy day and will demand from everyone a lot of concentration. It is time toreturn to the hotel, some to work as necessary by their continuing activities, and others to rest.

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