Formation WFP in Ouganda

WFP – Kampala, Uganda // Day 1

This week the 15th Renault Trucks training session for the World Food Programme (WFP) takes place in Kampala, Uganda, where the first training session took place in 2012: coming full circle! Finally, but not quite, because we still have ideas for supporting the WFP in the maintenance of its trucks, the management of its fleet and the evolution in skill of its personnel. 

But let's get ahead of ourselves, 9 people coming from 7 different countries await us!After a 1st contact at the hotel, we board the bus to take us to the WFP operations site. During this trip someone said that the WFP is like a family and that this training is an opportunity to gather several members of the family who work in the four corners of the world.

We arrive at the WFP workshop at the edge of town, where several trucks parked in front of the warehouse are waiting for the loading to begin soon. We find an air-conditioned room ready for our training.Laurent, who explains in detail the training content, proposes a quick introduction around the table for each person present: name, country, function in WFP, and expectations vis-à-vis training.He then proposes that each offer his ideas, questions and experience as they go. Indeed, the interpersonal exchanges have an added value for the training because the skills and experiences of each person vary and the real-life situations of everyone will aid the others in the future.

The training begins with the reminder on the fundamentals of the principle vehicle components: the chassis, axle, engine and tires. On the screen many drawings appear: silhouettes of vehicles, drivetrain, differential block, ...The participants are attentive and ask questions quite freely. The morning was full of technical and mechanical elements for review of the basics and to agree on the terms, functions and knowledge that will become deepened during the week. A little quiz for the group kicks off the afternoon and discussions follow about the questions posed. The day comes to an end. The fatigue from the recent trip to meet in Kampala and these reviews have exhausted the participants who separate for a well-earned rest.

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