Formation WFP in Ouganda

WFP – Kampala, Uganda // Day 2

The shuttle picks us up at the hotel at 7:30 in the morning and in the 30 minutes we are back at the WFP site where the training takes place.

The subject of the day is total cost of ownership of the vehicles. After having explained all the elements in this calculation, Laurent proposes a new work group that allows each of the participants to enrich himself with the skills and knowledge of the others. Actions proposed to improve the cost of ownership particularly interest the participants who retain the importance of coordination of the different actors, fleet managers, logisticians, workshop managers and supervisors. Indeed, the more communication between the different team members will allow optimised vehicle usage and cost of vehicle ownership.

After a quick lunch break, we discover the fleet management tools and the possible extractions for studying the rolling information of each truck to allow improvement in their individual operating cost.

Through the window of the training room we watch the passage of a number of trucks arriving there for loading of commodities. We are granted a visit to the site and without interrupting the progress of the operations (30 trucks pass through there in an average day), we move from building to building to understand the products stocked, where they come from and their destination. In Uganda, the WFP supports more than 1,300,000 people, mostly refugees.

The day comes to a close and the shuttle takes an hour and fifteen minutes to cross the city, allowing us to appreciate the famous traffic jams of Kampala, and the particular notion of sharing the road. There are numerous motorbikes and minibuses, and few single traffic signals at intersections which cause enormous tie-ups. Each vehicle tries to make its way as best it can, in tight spaces, but luckily our driver is prudent and clever!

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