Diversity is a factor with a powerful impact on performance and internal cohesion. Renault Trucks has dared to opt for a recruitment policy that is open to people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and guarantees that all shall enjoy equal opportunities with respect to employment and career prospects, depending solely on skills and aptitude, irrespective of any other characteristics.

Equality between men and women

Equality between men and women is an important concern for Renault Trucks. Since 2011, a company agreement is organizing actions promoting mixity in the workplace in four areas: recruitment, training, promotion and work/life balance.


Renault Trucks has been taking actions for long to incorporate people with a handicap into the workforce as well as possible. The company is implementing a wide range of measures designed to simplify their working life: financial and administrative assistance, workstation adaptation, training, accessibility to premises, etc.

Multicultural diversity

Renault Trucks is rich of multicultural diversity: 60 nationalities are represented among its workforce. This rich and varied human potential, a source of creativity, is a fertile breeding ground for innovation and company’s growth.