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A rich and varied human potential is a source of creativity and a fertile breeding ground for innovation and growth. We strive to create an inclusive company culture for the 60 nationalities which are represented among our workforce. Respect for individuals regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, any disabilities, is embedded in our core values.

Equality between men and women

Renault Trucks is committed to ensure equality between men and women in remuneration and access to training and career development. Since 2011, a company agreement frames all the actions promoting gender diversity in the workplace. In an effort to build a supportive working environment for women’s empowerment, we encourage the development of internal networks such as the WIN (Women Inclusive Network). A wide range of action plans are also implemented to increase the proportion of women in technical positions and to promote these jobs to young women.


Renault Trucks has been taking actions for years to facilitate the integration of disabled people. The company has implemented several measures designed to guarantee access to employment and a suitable working environment for people with disabilities. Handicap is a major issue that is addressed everyday trough a comprehensive approach: accessibility to premises, workplace adjustments and financial assistance including disabled relatives of our employees. One focus is on raising awareness among employees and more particularly managers about this issue. Finally, Renault Trucks participates in the development of the specially adapted and protected worker sector (such as the sheltered-employment organisation ESAT and specially adapted companies) to contribute to this topic.

Equal opportunities

Renault Trucks encourages diversity, promotes equal opportunities and stands against all forms of discrimination. We embrace diversity as a factor with a powerful impact on performance through a recruitment policy open to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The company also supports various initiatives in favour of the professional integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. All of our employees are guaranteed to receive equal treatment, and access to employment and career development, depending solely on skills and aptitudes.