About Renault Trucks

Building on the legacy of more than a century of innovative French truck know-how, Renault Trucks supplies transport professionals with tools they need to more efficiently conduct their business. > Read more.

Since 1894

During the 1880s, the engine was the new invention that was captivating the younger generation. In Lyon, on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, a weaver’s son was taking evening classes in mechanics and avidly reading all the technical journals he could find. His name was Marius Berliet. > Read more.

Renault Trucks Deliver

Renault Trucks offers truck users tools that are not just the best suited to their particular activity, but the most productive and least expensive to run too. By doing this, Renault Trucks supports them in their key contribution to the socitety. And just like its robust, top quality vehicles, Renault Trucks is a partner they can rely on. > Read more.

Trucks and services

Renault Trucks offers commercial vehicle users a large choice of services and vehicles (from 2.8 to 120 T) adapted to a wide range of transport activities: distribution, long haul, construction, heavy construction. Renault Trucks vehicles are sturdy and reliable with low fuel consumption that enables them to deliver greater productivity and control operating costs. > Read more.

Social networks

To make Renault Trucks more accessible, we also have a social media presence. Please follow us on these forums for dialogue and interaction; your reactions, comments and submissions are welcomed. >Read more.